standard-title Insolvency Law

Insolvency Law

We attend to all insolvency related issues from commencing with liquidation/sequestration proceedings to following up with the various liquidators/trustees until finalisation of the entire matter.

We can immediately assess your claim against a debtor or Trust and should the debtor/Trust be insolvent with a risk of dissipating his/its assets we can immediately initiate sequestration proceedings in the event that this will be in your best interests and on the condition that it is an advantage to creditors to ensure success of the application.

Similarly should you require litigation steps to be taken against a company and liquidation proceedings is the best course to follow then in that particular matter we will, subject to your instructions, proceed with liquidation steps, where there are enough assets to realise in settlement of your claim applying the liquidity test in terms of the Companies Act, Act 71 of 2008.

We will assess the prospects of success and the realisable assets to provide you with instructions on proceeding with liquidation proceedings and first take proper instructions before proceeding with such steps. Similarly LVA will assess each case in regard to sequestration proceedings.