standard-title Family Law

Family Law

When you are faced with a personal family law issue – as every person will inevitably be at some stage of their life you are often at your most vulnerable.

We are truly aware of the fact that any family law issue especially divorces are extremely emotional due to the very nature thereof and most importantly the financial impact that it has on you whether from a proprietary point of view in respect of assets or in terms of maintenance needs.

Unfortunately in family law sometimes the emotions between persons can spiral completely out of control and like a parachute a trustworthy attorney is needed urgently at that exact moment and time.

We understand urgency and we perform well under matters of urgency, urgent applications, urgent letter writing etc.

We cover the following sectors of Family Law but not limited thereto:

  • the Law on marriage contracts and advise on the different marriage regimes;
  • Drafting of Antenuptial Contracts
  • Advice on matrimonial proprietary aspects
  • Advice on the law of children
  • Divorces (instituting or defending)
  • Custody disputes
  • Maintenance
  • Domestic Violence
  • Cohabitation
  • Customary and Islamic law