standard-title Conveyancing and Notarial Work

Conveyancing and Notarial Work

Charlotte Le Roux heads the conveyancing department.

Charlotte is assisted by various secretaries and professional associates who are dedicated to a close client relationship to ensure high service levels, quick turnaround, efficient communications and reporting to clients at all times.

We are one of the panel attorneys of a major bank and attend to their bond registrations as well as bond cancellations.

We are also one of the panel attorneys for a listed property fund.

We register in all ten deeds offices country wide and we also act as a network for attorneys across the country on bond registrations nationally and provincially.

We believe in a “single point of contact” and therefore appoint a particular person specifically picked according to the client’s needs and expertise to be available to attend to all queries that the client has to ensure and carry through the “single point of contact” with the client.

Our main objective is to ensure that all bond registrations and conveyancing related matters are dealt with efficiently and timeously to ensure registration of all properties efficiently and as soon as possible after being appointed as the conveyancing attorneys.

We have experience in all aspects of notarial and conveyancing matters such as:

  • Bond cancellations (panel attorneys for major bank).
  • Deceased Estates transfers;
  • Donation transfers;
  • Foreclosure transfers (Standard Bank panel);
  • Insolvent Estates transfers;
  • Interdicts;
  • Lost destroyed Deeds;
  • Notarial Authentication of documents for use outside RSA;
  • Notarial ANC contracts;
  • Notarial bonds;
  • Notarial cancellations;
  • Notarial cessions;
  • Notarial cohabitation agreements;
  • Notarial Tie Agreement – registration and cancellations;
  • Opening and registration of Sectional Schemes
  • Opening and registration of Townships;
  • Registration and cancellation of title conditions;
  • Servitudes – registrations, changes and cancellations;
  • Subdivisions
  • Transfers ito the Prevention of Organised Crime Act;
  • Transfers ito instalment sale agreements;
  • Usufructs – registrations and cancellations;