standard-title Contracts



Extract from an extract of Lexis Nexis:

“Given that “there is no ‘lawyer’s paradise’ in which all words have a fixed and precisely ascertained meaning, the interpretation of the insurance contract is a vexed issue, often giving rise to litigation.”

The intention of the parties to a contract is expressed in words which will in most cases be reduced to writing. However the language used to reduce the agreement into writing from time to time is unambiguous and gives rise to disputes which result in litigation.

We pride ourselves in drafting clear and concise agreements and we are also in a position to give extensive advice on breach of contract and the remedies available


We have expertise in the following but not limited thereto:

  • banking law –compliance agreements;
  • Compliance with :
    • the National Credit Act;
    • the Consumer Protection Act;
    • the New Company’s Act 2008
  • development agreements;
  • drafting of leases (commercial and residential);
  • franchise agreements;
  • inter-company loan agreements;
  • mining agreements and applications;
  • purchase and sale of land agreements;
  • restraint of trade agreements;
  • shareholders agreements;
  • small company acquisitions and take-overs;
  • supply agreements;
  • Updating and drafting of Memoranda of Incorporation.
  • Wills and Trusts – inter vivos and mortis causa.