standard-title Collections


We are experienced in collection matters. We are on the panel of a major bank to attend to their collection matters. We also act for various corporate companies and attend to, by way of example:

  • drafting letter of demands;
  • issuing summons;
  • proceeding on an undefended basis until after execution to recover the debt;
  • proceeding on a defended process where matters are defended until the matter is settled;
  • bringing sequestration or liquidation applications (if applicable and necessary);
  • Various micro loan collections.

We have the infrastructure and know how to proceed on such matters on an extremely affordable and speedy basis.

We are in a position to attend to collection of outstanding balances efficiently and pro-actively based on the firm’s experience and expertise on current collections in this field;

The firm’s staff compliment is such that it is more than experienced and has excess capacity to take on substantial volumes. We constantly ensure that we meet the needs and demands of clients.