standard-title Charlotte Le Roux Partner, Notary and Conveyancer

Charlotte Le Roux

Partner, Notary and Conveyancer


Partner, Notary and Conveyancer

B Proc (UNISA)



Charlotte heads up the Conveyancing and Property Department.

Charlotte is a partner in the firm and heads up the conveyancing department. 

Charlotte was admitted as an attorney in 1998. She was admitted as a Conveyancer during 2001 and admitted as a Notary during 2008.

Charlotte specialises in property law and all aspects of conveyancing related matters.

We are on a leading bank’s panel for conveyancing related services.

In particular, Charlotte attends to the following conveyancing related matters:

  • Notarial Tie Agreements – registration and cancellations;
  • Antenuptial contracts;
  • Authentication of documents for use outside RSA;
  • Deceased estate transfers;
  • Insolvent estate transfers;
  • Donation transfers;
  • Transfers ito the Prevention of Organised Crime Act;
  • Interdicts;
  • Servitudes – registrations, changes and cancellations;
  • Usufructs – registrations and cancellations;
  • Registration and cancellation of title conditions;
  • Opening and registration of Townships and sectional title schemes;
  • Foreclosure transfers (sale in execution) (bank panel attorney);
  • Bond cancellations – Legal, Pre-legal, Deceased and Special (bank panel attorney);
  • Bond registrations (bank panel attorney);
  • Easysell transfers, cancellations and bonds (bank panel attorney).