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Carel heads up the Commercial Litigation, Contract and Aviation Department

Carel is a partner in the firm.

Carel was admitted as an attorney in 1992. He was the founder and director of Le Roux Meyer Assenmacher Inc., the predecessor of LVA.

Carel specialises in property law, interpretation, negotiating and drafting of commercial contracts, commercial law and litigation, arbitration and the law of landlord and tenant.

Carel’s practice includes, but is not limited to:

  • Arbitrations;
  • Arbitrations relating to building contracts;
  • Arbitrations relating to joint ventures;
  • Aviation law;
  • Banking law;
  • Building and engineering disputes;
  • Claims relating to confidential information;
  • Commercial litigation;
  • Competition Commission complaints;
  • Commercial fraud;
  • Competition law;
  • Compliance with the National Credit Act, Consumer Protection Act and New Companies Act;
  • Construction/development disputes;
  • Debt collecting;
  • Development agreements;
  • Directors’ duties;
  • Drafting of leases (commercial and residential);
  • Drafting and updating of Memoranda of Incorporation;
  • Enforcement of commercial contracts;
  • Foreclosures on leases;
  • Inter-company loan agreements;
  • Interpretation agreements;
  • Interpretation and drafting of insurance policies;
  • Mining agreements and applications;
  • Product liability disputes;
  • Purchase and sale of land agreements;
  • Restraint of trade disputes;
  • Shareholders agreements;
  • Company acquisitions and take-overs;
  • Wills and trusts – inter vivos and mortis causa.


Partner, Notary and Conveyancer

B Proc (UNISA)



Charlotte heads up the Conveyancing and Property Department.

Charlotte is a partner in the firm and heads up the conveyancing department. 

Charlotte was admitted as an attorney in 1998. She was admitted as a Conveyancer during 2001 and admitted as a Notary during 2008.

Charlotte specialises in property law and all aspects of conveyancing related matters.

We are on a leading bank’s panel for conveyancing related services.

In particular, Charlotte attends to the following conveyancing related matters:

  • Notarial Tie Agreements – registration and cancellations;
  • Antenuptial contracts;
  • Authentication of documents for use outside RSA;
  • Deceased estate transfers;
  • Insolvent estate transfers;
  • Donation transfers;
  • Transfers ito the Prevention of Organised Crime Act;
  • Interdicts;
  • Servitudes – registrations, changes and cancellations;
  • Usufructs – registrations and cancellations;
  • Registration and cancellation of title conditions;
  • Opening and registration of Townships and sectional title schemes;
  • Foreclosure transfers (sale in execution) (bank panel attorney);
  • Bond cancellations – Legal, Pre-legal, Deceased and Special (bank panel attorney);
  • Bond registrations (bank panel attorney);
  • Easysell transfers, cancellations and bonds (bank panel attorney).





Raneesha was admitted as an attorney in 2009 and a Conveyancer in 2014.  She specialises in Property Law and all aspects of conveyancing related matters. 

She holds a LLB degree from the University of the KwaZulu-Natal and a Certificate in Practice Management.

She joined the practice in 2016 as an associate of the firm. 

Raneesha’s experience includes property related work as well as conducting real estate due diligence investigations, drafting and advising on property related agreements.

Raneesha focuses on:-

  • Transfers for both commercial and residential properties;
  • Deceased estate transfers;
  • Insolvent estate transfers;
  • Donation transfers;
  • Registration and cancellation of title conditions;
  • Transfers in respect of sale in executions;
  • Bond registration;
  • Bond cancellation;
  • Easysell transfers;
  • Upliftment of interdicts.



BCom Law (UJ); LLB (UJ)


Fraser was admitted as an attorney in 2019 after successfully obtaining a BCom Law degree and a postgraduate LLB degree, both from the University of Johannesburg. Fraser completed his articles at LVA and has, since admission, taken on, and added to, a large portfolio consisting of debt collection, commercial law, commercial and private landlord and tenant disputes, trust law, the drawing up of contracts, family law and various disputes of their own nature.